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Customized Meal Plans and Macros

Calories Club makes weight loss SIMPLE by giving you a hand-tailored plan with customized meal plans.

Lose 5-10 pounds in 14 days with a scientifically PROVEN method.

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  • Personalized Macros and Nutrition Plan

    Each person gets an individualized set of nutritional targets based on their body type and lifestyle.

  • Weekly Diet Adjustments

    Every diet stalls at some point. We’ll check your progress every week and can make adjustments to keep things moving!

  • Be Your Best Self

    We want to help you succeed and see your best self! We'll help you get there to get the body of your dreams.

What is Calories Club?

Calories Club is a set of customized meal plans, meaning you will receive unique meal plans and recipes tailored to YOU!

Online support is available 24/7.